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Environmental & Safety Initiatives

Re-Tron Environmental Policy

Re-Tron recognizes that environmental Stewardship are of critical importance. We encourage our employees to join with Re-Tron in full acceptance of and compliance with this policy. We will create procedures that fully comply with federal, state and local regulations. We will provide comprehensive training to our employees to ensure our workers are aware of these procedures and are capable of following them. Lead acid batteries top the list of the most highly recycled consumer product. Re-Tron recycles 100% of every spent battery we collect to EPA approved recyclers who follow strict environmental regulations.

In addition, Re-Tron has and will continue to develop new, and expand on existing technology and products, that will maximize asset life and utilization, thus helping to decrease our customers carbon footprint.

Protection of the Environment
We will employ practical measures to protect the environment. We will conserve and protect the water, air, and land resources we use. We will strive to eliminate any releases to land, air or water that may harm human health or the environment. Continuous improvement in our environmental performance will be a principal objective.
Recycling and Waste Disposal
We will support recycling programs and will use environmentally safe treatment and disposal practices for waste that is not eliminated at the source or recycled.
We will use only recyclers who follow strict environmental regulations.
Waste Management
We will work to prevent waste and pollution, at the source, whenever possible. New facilities and improvements of existing operations will use processes designed to minimize the environmental effects of our operations and will incorporate functional pollution control equipment.
We will manage existing facilities and installations so that we meet or exceed legal requirements. We will implement programs and procedures to satisfy compliance. We will conduct compliance audits and monitor procedures and practices to evaluate our performance.
Management will consider the environmental and cultural implications of its decisions.

Re-Tron Safety Policy

We are committed to comply with all applicable HSE legal requirements. We are committed to our guiding principles which include ensuring that Safety, Health and Environment is First – never compromise on the health and safety of our customers and our people--and to manage responsibly the impact that our business has on the environment. Re-Tron will provide appropriate training in use of equipment, safe work practices and procedures, and handling of hazardous materials. We will have our employees and/or contractors attend all required health and safety training and adhere to all Re-Tron Health and Safety regulations, policies and procedures.