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RT-1 Powerhouse
generator Jump cart:

Provides on-site, immediate action
resolution to generator failure

RT Powerhouse generator jumpstart cart

When you’re “on the ropes” facing a mission critical emergency, the solution is in-house, ready to roll and with the POWER to immediately jump-start any generator. With the self-charging, 24V DC-3300 CCA Powerhouse Jump Cart on site, one person can roll it over to any size generator, plug in the 25-foot cable and “POW!” quickly jump-start any size generator. Even the largest at 2+ megawatts. Once the generator has restarted, the cart may be left connected indefinitely while the generator is running. The RT-1 Powerhouse features a built-in control panel with a power-on indicator built into the on/off switch. Plus, a red internal charger light and a green jump start ready indicator light. The cabinet houses six high powered VRLA batteries wired at a 24VDC buss and will operate from any 110V AC outlet.

RT Powerhouse generator

How does it work?  Unlock and roll

Save Money

The Powerhouse Jump Cart:

An invaluable diagnostic tool

When a generator fails to start on auto-start or manual start, one of two things have probably failed; either the batteries and/or charger have failed, or the generator itself has mechanical/internal problems. By connecting the Powerhouse Jump Cart, the problem of non-start can be easily diagnosed. Thus, companies who maintain generator systems under service contracts can identify whether they should change-out a faulty battery or suspect battery charger, instead of sending a single technician to assess a customer’s possible failure mode, or an even a more costly high-level service vehicle manned with diesel technicians and carrying spare parts.

Quick facts

  34.5W x 16D x 37.25H (inches)
  876W x 406D x 947H (mm)
  Weight with batteries: 805 Lbs

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RT Powerhouse generator Cart