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BTS Big Boy

Fully charged complete facility spare battery replacement system

Whether you maintain a specific or an extensive array of mission critical equipment, the Big Boy is big enough to keep your whole team charged

BTS Big Boy

With the fail-safe BTS Big Boy on your team, expensive downtime due to unexpected battery failure is reduced to just minutes with this stationary, fully charged, all inclusive spare battery replacement cabinet system.

When they need it now, it’s in-house!

The Re-Tron Big Boy, available in either a 12 or 16 volt cabinet, is customized to house each customers' specific critical spare battery replacement needs.The range of critical battery requirements (VRLA top terminal and front), that end users never want to be caught without, is becoming more extensive each and every year.  These critical battery types can vary in size and application, and as long as they have the same voltage configuration they can be mixed, matched and integrated together, in one single Big Boy cabinet enclosure. That means they are ready on site 365/ 24/7

BTS Big Boy

How does it work?  

BTS Big Boy

A BTS Big Boy investment will dramatically reduce the need and expense of sending or re-sending your service technicians out to a customer for a single battery replacement; it eliminates the need to jump out batteries for long periods of time, and the cost of shipping. Most importantly, BTS Big Boy’s ability to immediately correct a battery failure is priceless for maintaining a stellar brand reputation.

Quick facts

Dimensions: 40.0”W x 78.7”H x 32.7”D
Weight without batteries: 650 LBS

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BTS Big Boy