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Flooded Options

C&D Telcom Series

Enersys Batteries

  • Powersafe D
  • Powersafe E
  • Powersafe F
  • Powersafe G
  • Datasafe D
  • Datasafe E

Sealed Options

C&D Telecomm

True Front Access

Enersys Batteries

  • Powersafe DDm
  • Powersafe M Series

East Penn Batteries

  • Deka Telecomm Solutions
  • Deka Unigy 2
  • Deka Fahrenheit HT 145ET

FIAMM Batteries

  • SLA-H 2V
  • FAT 12V
  • SLA 2V,4V,6V, 12V Top Terminal

Re-Tron Technologies is proud to represent only the finest Flooded (wet cell) and Valve Regulated (VRLA) battery manufacturers. You can be sure that when you purchase a battery or battery system through Re-Tron, it will meet or surpass UPS ratings and provide years of powerful performance and solid reliability.

Re-Tron Certified C&D Distributor: C&D Technology

C&D Technologies is the Telecom industry technical leader providing complete power systems and batteries uniquely designed for their applications. Telecom applications include fixed wire-line, wireless, broadband, customer premise/PBX, microwave, DSL , and fiber optic distribution.

C&D offers a complete line of 10 & 20 year Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) and 20 year Vented Lead Acid (VLA) batteries. C&D's VRLA batteries, both front and top access, were designed, tested, certified and qualified to the arduous Telcordia (formerly Bell Core) SR-4228 International standard. Full Telecom power systems support includes chargers, rectifiers, distribution, and cabinets.

KCT, LCT, LCY, MCT flooded batteries are widely used in large Telecom installations, central offices, and network operations centers. msEndur II and Liberty MSE VRLA batteries are designed for large cellular sites and shelters. Long Duration TEL Series unique front access batteries offer ease of installation and low maintenance for distributed systems including ground and pole mounted cabinets, and controlled environment vaults.

Re-Tron: Enersys

EnerSys offers an extensive portfolio of premium flooded and sealed batteries to serve the telecommunications market. This portfolio of batteries offers design features such as exceptional performance, long life, compact footprint, high energy density, and ease of installation. Our batteries are ideally suited for a wide range of wireline and wireless telecom applications, including central office and outside plant.

Re-Tron: East Penn

East Penn offers the highest quality, highest performance battery solutions designed to meet the specific demands of your telecom application. DEKA UNIGY I, DEKA UNIGY Il and Deka Fahrenheit are all engineered and tested to provide reliable, long-lasting power – where and when you need it.

Re-Tron: FIAMM

For over 70 years FIAMM has leveraged innovation and expertise to bring the best energy backup products and solutions to the market for every business. Applications in the telecom field include BTS (wireless application), outdoor wireline cabinets, broadband, microwave repeater and fiber optic regeneration sites,  telecom central offices as well as off-grid or hybrid systems.

Re-Tron: Meeting your UPS needs

re-Tron will continue to research battery manufacturers in an effort to continue to provide the industry with the most reliable and efficient batteries available.