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Flooded Options

C&D Telcom Series

Enersys Batteries

  • Powersafe C
  • Powersafe D
  • Powersafe E
  • Powersafe F
  • Powersafe G
  • Powersafe OPzS

Sealed Options

C&D Batteries

Enersys Batteries

  • Powersafe DDm

FIAMM Batteries

  • SLA-H 2V
  • FAT 12V
  • SLA 2V,4V,6V, 12V Top Terminal

Rack Systems

C&D Switchgear and Control (SG&C) battery systems provide critical backup power to switchgear, pumps, monitors, and communication equipment in Electric Transmission and Distribution Substations, Electric Generation Plants, Petroleum Processing Plants, Manufacturing Facilities and Pipelines. C&D manufactures Flooded (VLA) and Valve Regulated (VRLA) batteries and Utility chargers that meet the most rigorous SG&C ratings and installation requirements. C&D supplies complete systems including batteries, racks, chargers, spill containment, and safety equipment solutions.

C&D's KCR, LCR, LCY and LCUN batteries are field proven, Nuclear Class 1-E qualified and the preferred batteries for nuclear power generation installations. The DJ series, which has gained popularity for substation applications, uses a multi-cell narrow design with built-in handles providing up to a 40% rack length savings over competitor products, improves handling, and minimizes maintenance.

For installations requiring VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries, the SGC Series, the heavy duty Liberty Series 1000 batteries, and the long-life msEndur II batteries with the lowest float current in the industry and latest in VRLA battery advancements, provide low maintenance options satisfying Utility and Petroleum standby applications.

Re-Tron: Enersys

In an electric power network, switchgear equipment provides the ability to control power in order to perform maintenance and protect the network. EnerSys manufactures a full range of standby batteries for electric utility/switchgear applications. Whether it is a utility company supporting electric grid requirements or an industrial manufacturer/producer supporting their operation, users can count on EnerSys batteries for reliable power and performance.

Re-Tron: FIAMM

For over 70 years FIAMM has leveraged innovation and expertise to bring the best energy backup products and solutions to the market for every business. FIAMM designs backup solutions meant to support energy production and distribution sites, especially nuclear power plants and thermal power stations, electrical utilities, switchgear, substations and switchboards.

Re-Tron: Meeting your Switchgear needs

re-Tron will continue to research battery manufacturers in an effort to continue to provide the industry with the most reliable and efficient batteries available.