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Re-Tron Technologies is proud to represent only the finest Flooded (wet cell) and Valve Regulated (VRLA) battery manufacturers. You can be sure that when you purchase a battery or battery system through Re-Tron, it will meet or surpass UPS ratings and provide years of powerful performance and solid reliability.

Re-Tron Certified C&D Distributor: C&D Technology

C&D Technologies engineer and manufactures one of the finest UPS battery available. The C&D XT Series of flooded batteries are widely used in large data centers and financial institutions. The XT-Plus batteries are available for high-cycle applications and the XTR bat Series offer a reduced footprint, saving floor space without sacrificing capacity, reliability or performance. For installations that require VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries, the Dynasty High Rate Max series provide more power in a smaller footprint while delivering maximum life while complying with rigorous industry standards. C&D’s Heavy Duty Liberty Series 1000 batteries are also available for use in UPS applications, as are the long-life msEndur II batteries; the latest advancement in VRLA batteries for standby applications.

Re-Tron: Enersys

Enersys DataSafe® Series are available in both flooded and sealed and are designed for the high power requirements of UPS systems, and backs up IT applications from workstations to central data processing centers,

Re-Tron: East Penn

The East Penn DEKA UNIGY high rate series uses the latest AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology to lower internal resistance for superior high-rate, short-term discharges; delivering critical power when needed; and features inserted posts with epoxy post seals that are 100% factory leak tested.

Re-Tron: FIAMM

For over 70 years FIAMM has leveraged innovation and expertise to bring the best energy backup products and solutions to the market for every business. FIAMM manufactures highly reliable UPS backup batteries with a compact layout that guarantee outstanding performance  and the highest integrity, security and reliability. Their innovative SoNick Series offers 100% coulometric efficiency with a metal-ceramic seal that hermetically closes the cell. No maintenance is needed for the entire life of the battery.

Re-Tron: Crown

Crown’s Embassy Series builds on Crown’s solid reputation for power, reliability and long service.

Re-Tron: SigmasTek

SPX Series are maintenance free High-Rate Discharge Batteries with non- spillable design. Multi-functional for both cycle and standby use and can operate in any orientation and are specifically designed for high-rate UPS discharge applications, where higher power output is required over short periods of time.

Re-Tron: Meeting your UPS needs

Re-Tron will continue to research battery manufacturers in an effort to continue to provide the industry with the most reliable and efficient batteries available.