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Re-Tron Technologies is proud to represent only the finest Flooded (wet cell) and Valve Regulated (VRLA) battery manufacturers. You can be sure that when you purchase a
battery or battery system through Re-Tron, it will meet or surpass all ratings and provide years of powerful performance and solid reliability.

Re-Tron Certified C&D Distributor: C&D Technology

C&D Broadband batteries have the ability to operate effectively in broad temperature extremes, making them ideally suited for CATV applications. Gelled batteries more effectively dissipate internally generated heat. This results in a lower float current, thereby increasing battery float life. Our gel technology products will last significantly longer than other VRLA technologies in remote outdoor applications.

Re-Tron: Enersys

Cable TV is sometimes referred to as CATV (Community Antenna or Community Access Television). It's a broadcast distribution system that uses cables to deliver media services and it requires battery standby power in the event of a power outage or malfunction. A community's ability to communicate, especially in an emergency, is vital to the public's well-being. You can rely on our standby batteries to be ready when you need them.

The PowerSafe series of nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries are specifically designed to provide exceptionally long life at extreme temperatures. This coupled with the inherent low maintenance requirements make the PowerSafe Ni-Cd battery series an ideal choice for railroad, renewables, off-grid, telecommunications and complex duty cycle applications.

The robust design means an excellent resistance against electrical and mechanical stress, low risk of terminal degradation and a proven 20 year plus service life. This combination and extensive use in service make the PowerSafe Ni-Cd battery series the right choice for industrial applications requiring superior reliability and the highest safety integrity.