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Our company’s leadership team includes:


Andrew LathamAndrew Latham
President and CEO

Mr. Latham is the Co-Founder, CEO, President and Head of Business Strategy for Re-Tron Technologies, Inc. He is a mechanical engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the automobile and motorcycle after-market industries; initially as an AMA Professional Motocross Racer, and afterwards designing, developing, engineering and inventing new products and improving upon existing products. Andrew manages Re-Tron with the principle that it is no longer sufficient to just have the most innovative products on the market, one must constantly innovate all aspects of business including distribution, manufacturing, marketing, sales, sales support, after sales support, internal and external logistic efficiencies, intra company communications and accounting.

Mr. Latham is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a degree in mechanical engineering. His studies also included science, chemistry and business administration.


Director of Stationary Service & Sales

Chris Schaffroth joined Re-Tron Technologies in 2011 and has been instrumental in building Re-Tron’s operations and service team capabilities. By applying more than 20 years of industry experience, Chris has helped form Re-Tron into a battery industry leader, known for its deep battery application expertise as well as its exceptional customer service. Chris continually identifies opportunities for Re-Tron’s growth through his team’s battery industry fieldwork and technical background.

After studying automotive technology and metal fabrication at Penn State’s Pennsylvania College of Technology, Chris began his career in 1995 working for a battery manufacturer. In 2002, the company selected Chris to develop the Motive Power Battery Division Sales and Service for the U.S. market. He completed training programs with Power Battery Co., Battery Universal, Saft, and MAC Charger. His responsibilities included marketing, pricing, and training all service technicians on battery and charger repair, testing, field service, and battery refurbishment. In 2004, he was asked again to roll out another new division, Stationary Battery Field Service. He received training from Power Battery Co., C&D Technologies, MGE, APC, Alber, Cellwatch, B-Tech, and Enviroguard. In this role, he oversaw logistics, field service, development of safety programs, and field service training.

With this broad background in the battery industry and field service, Chris Schaffroth provides outstanding hands-on skills and management talents to Re-Tron.


Director of Business Development

Brian Rooney is an accomplished, outcome-driven Technical Sales, Service and Manufacturing Executive with extensive knowledge in energy storage for the UPS, Utility, Telecom, Renewable, and Mobile Power Markets.

A subject-matter-expert on selection,application, maintenance, troubleshooting, manufacturing, design, and quality assessments of lead-acid batteries, Brian has an extensive work history in manufacturing, quality design. plant-management, field service, technical support, training and technical sales. He is extremely adept at building relationships and providing excellent customer service.




Jack Dean has over 35 years of executive experience focused on establishing client relationships, managing an international sales team and a nationwide network of equipment buyers and sellers.

Jack is a passionate advocate for environmental conservation and is recognized as a leading figure in the NY/NJ area for his consultations on zero-waste, zero-cost industrial planning. He identifies outside-the-box, free-market solutions to environmental issues wherever possible. Early in his career, Jack Dean headed a team that collaborated with Bell Laboratory scientists to develop a sealed high temperature battery which eliminated the need to air condition outdoor battery storage enclosures, thereby reducing the carbon footprint and saving millions of dollars in energy costs.

Jack also developed the first UPS sealed (AGM) battery cabinet product line, which has since become the standard in the industry, and spearheaded the first front terminal battery, which is also now the industry standard in telecom applications. He brings the same sensibilities and resources to his Re-Tron clients, guiding them to the most reliable and ecologically sound solution for their battery needs.

Jack Dean lives in Ridgewood, NJ, with his family and is a director of the Research Down Syndrome Foundation that funds genetic research to improve cognition in individuals with Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s. He is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a degree in economics and is an active member of the NJ Special Olympics.